Revidox Clinical Study


Research reveals Revidox+ effectively improves the appearance of wrinkles and skin moisture, resulting in younger looking skin after just 60 days:

• 84% of participants experienced an improvement in the appearance of their skin wrinkles1
• 72% of participants noticed their skin looked younger1
• 76% of participants agreed that the product is effective1
• 79.5% noticed increased skin moisture1
• 70% said they would recommend Revidox+ to a friend or family member2



“People tell me my skin is glowing and I look younger!” – Pauline Burke-Crean


“It’s like having new skin! My skin feels fuller and my wrinkles and lines are not as pronounced. Friends keep commenting on how radiant and healthy my skin looks which has really boosted my confidence. I am so happy with the results. I would recommend Revidox+ to all my friends!” – Jean Horgan


“I have sensitive rosacea-prone skin with fine lines and wrinkles and since using Revidox+ I‘ve found these issues relaxed immensely and I began to notice a glow to my skin! My hair and nails improved too.” – Eithne Moran-Weldon


“After trialling Revidox+ for just one month I’ve already noticed my skin has become very plump and radiant. I’m very pleased with the results.” – Bernie Slattery


We are always interested in hearing about how Revidox+ has helped you. If you’d like to share your experience with us please email your feedback to info@revidox.co.uk for a chance to win a FREE month’s supply of Revidox+. 



1. Clinical Trial (2011) – Conducted in Spain by Actafarma Laboratories involving 50 participants (male & female aged 35 – 65) selected by a dermatologist in a double-blind, randomised & placebo controlled clinical-instrumental assessment of the efficacy of a dietary supplement (REVIDOX+).

2. Revidox+ Complete 60 Day Trial: A total of 44 participants were involved in the survey (2015).